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Founded by long time couple Kristin Hansell & Jesse Heninger, Completecohosts.com's foundation is rooted in their vast knowledge gained from residing in Bnb accommodations together for the majority of the last 7 years. With Kristin's corporate background and Jesse's entrepreneurial skill set, they recognized the ideal opportunity to leverage their combined expertise. Their shared goal is to help their client community benefit from the knowledge & best practices gained during their Bnb experiences.

"Our goal is to completely automate your Bnb ownership experience. We can work with anyone, anywhere. Our messaging, optimization, and daily pricing services are done completely remotely, along with cleaning and maintenance support teams coordinated with local trusted service providers. Honestly, if you have a valuable Bnb business, or you feel you have a property that could turn into one, contact us. We might just blow your mind." - Jesse Heninger, Managing Partner

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